Rusty Halcomb

You guys want to hear a doggie success story? Because this one is pretty amazing, Rusty is five years old and is the happiest he could be. But Rusty was not always in good shape, and that’s what I’m here to tell you about!

Rusty was a happy pup, energetic, loving and active. After a couple years in 2015, he stopped acting like that energetic pup they had known all those years. So his mom decided to take him the vet but they did not hear what they wanted to. Rusty was dealing with severe pain in his back, and they could not fully diagnose him, so they sent him home with medication that would help with the pain and inflammation. Rusty began to act normal again, then tragedy hit when his mom woke up to Rusty not being able to use his back legs, “it happened so fast” she said. That Sunday she rushed Rusty to the animal hospital in hopes of answers but sadly she didn’t get any. They referred her to VSS (Veterinary Specialty Services).

When the results came back it was devastating, he had a ruptured disk that was causing him pain and putting a huge amount of pressure on his spinal cord preventing him from using his back legs. VSS explained if she wanted him to walk again he would need surgery, a $4,000 dollar surgery and even with that Rusty might not be able to run or do the old activities he was used too, but they were wrong. Rusty was back to his happy, energetic, loving and active pup.

Little over a year after his surgery, Rusty could not use his back legs again. She took him to VSS again and they explained he would need the same surgery. Devastated because she could not afford another surgery, she began looking for wheels for Rusty. But she heard something that gave her a little hope that Rusty would be able to walk again. Her family recommended Deborah Walker, our massage therapist. She contacted Debbie and was able to get Rusty in on the same day!

Rusty started coming in every other day for massages, he and his owners put all their trust in Debbie. And Debbie did not disappoint. Debbie explained that they wouldn’t see results immediately but give it some time. By the second month he was wagging his tail again which is an incredible sign! Then by month three, Rusty was walking out of a LaBest, yes you read that correctly, he is walking!!! Three months of massages and he is on his feet again without another $4,000 surgery. Rusty is still coming for treatment and is getting better and better with each session thanks to our talented massage therapist, Deborah Walker. And this is only one of our amazing success stories. Look for more to come!!

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