Shedding problems are a constant issue in the Spring. Some people feel that the only way to deal with shedding is to shave the pet down. Depending on the type of coat the pet has will determine what’s best for them. Shedding is a normal process for pets to get rid of dead hair. Double coated dogs will blow coat for a couple of months twice a year. If not removed at the time of blowing they will shed all year round. Double coated dogs have primary hairs and secondary hairs.

The secondary hair is what will blow during cycle and the changes of the seasons. If the dog lives outdoors their shedding cycle would be Spring and Fall, where dogs that live mostly indoors blow their coat in Summer and Winter. The coat is designed to protect the skin. If you clipper a double coated dog you take a chance of damaging the primary hairs. Primary hair is designed to shade the skin from the sun. It helps raise and lower skin temperatures. It allows a breeze to come into the coat and keep the heat out thus protecting the skin cells. When the weather gets colder the double coat will develop like wearing a winter coat and the primary hairs hold the secondary hairs in place. When it warms up the secondary hairs blow allowing the shedding cycle to begin. Primary hairs grow at a very slow rate where secondary hairs grow rapidly. If the primary hairs are clipped they cannot do their job and hold the secondary hairs in so shedding becomes more prominent.

The more you clip your dog the higher the risk of damaging the primary hairs which may stop producing all together, which can cause baldness, skin irritation from the sun, dryness causing damage skin cells and more.

If you want a healthier coat and reduce shedding follow the next steps

1) Make sure your dog is on a good nutritional dog food

2) Add supplements like vita-groom (by Mr. Groom) to their food

3) Bring your tools in to us so we can make sure you have the right tools and we will show you how to use them properly.

4) If your dog is shedding too many primary hairs you might want to check with your vet about a thyroid test

5) Sign your dog up for the Shed-less Program, Mini Shed-less, or even a brush out. Any of these can make a difference without damaging the coat.

6) Bathing them on our Prissy Pet Program can insure a general maintenance for control of yours dogs shedding issues.