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– Grooming and spa services –


Our experienced staff provides a variety of premium grooming and spa services from basic trims and breed specific grooming, to relaxing massages, skin treatments, and teeth cleaning. We have over 36 years of combined experience, so your pet will leave our facility looking and feeling like a million bucks! Conveniently located in Edwardsville, IL  and near Bethalto, Wood River and Granite City, IL.

Grooming Packages

Bath and Brush

Hand wash, deep cleaning, gentle massage, light conditioner, complete blow dry, and general brushing

Basic Complete

Hand wash, deep cleaning, light conditioner, complete blow dry, general brushing, nails clipped or dremmeled, ears cleaned and trimming of the face, feet and privates. Trimming may vary based upon breed.

Complete Grooming

Basic Complete plus clipping and/or scissoring, by breed standard or individual styles

Before grooming

Before grooming

During grooming

During grooming

After grooming

After grooming

Prissy Pet Program

This program consists of having your pets nails trimmed, ears cleaned, a bath and brush, and a little trimming that may need done. Benefits to this program are your pet will stay cleaner longer, it will reduce shedding issues, your pet gets used to being handled and we can keep you informed of any health issues that may arise.

Some other benefits to the program are that once you are on the program, we will automatically book your appointment for you every two weeks, and your pet will get the opportunity to get to know their stylist and the grooming shop surroundings, which will be less stressful on them.

Also being groomed every other week will keep the matting and the shedding to a minimum. Your savings for this program is a third off the basic complete price. To qualify for this program your visit must be a basic complete or a complete grooming. Then in two weeks you will receive a basic complete for the price of a bath and brush. Your savings for this program is a THIRD off the Basic Complete price and HALF off a Complete Grooming!

Teeth Brushing with a Tartar Removing Product

We offer teeth brushing with a tartar removing product for dogs and cats – a safe, gentle and affordable way to have your pet’s teeth cleaned.

The sedation – free procedure involves manual scaling of all exposed surfaces of the teeth as well as under the gum line. We use relaxation therapy along with gentle handling techniques to ensure your pet has a pleasant experience during the dental process.

We recommend using OxyFresh products to keep your pet’s teeth and breath fresh and clean. Oxyfresh products can be ordered on line through our store or can be purchased at our facility.

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