Here at LaBest we offer a wide variety of services and one service that I’m very excited to share with you is massage therapy. You know how you feel after you get a nice massage, how much better you feel afterwards, it’s the same with your four-legged friends. Massage is an effective way to release toxins from the joints, it promotes blood circulation, and it relaxes muscles and improves flexibility. From dogs that haven’t been able to jump in the car for years and now can, to ones that could not hold their bladder when sleeping and were told they had no hope, and can now sleep without any issues. We even have had dogs that lost the ability to move their back legs and could only crawl with their front legs to running on all 4’s within weeks of therapy. Each dog is a special case and every story has been amazing. Massage is not just for dogs, cats too have benefits from therapy. We’ve had a cat that lost feeling in his tail and within 4 weeks of massage therapy his tail came back to life and so did he. So don’t let your pet spend another day in discomfort when there is a solution to their pain .