Erin, 9 year old girl came to LaBest for training about 5 months ago. Her interest was agility for her Corgi mix Penny. Penny was rescue from 5 A’s, a no kill shelter in Alton, IL .This little dog was a wild frisky pup when they brought her home. Surfing the back of the sofa was her way of telling them she needed a job. Penny had been passed around from home to home due to her misunderstood behavior. She just wanted something to do and Agility was it. Erin’s dog had very little obedience training under her belt when she started agility classes. Since beginning training she has completed 2 obedience classes and 4 levels of Agility at LaBest Inc. Erin’s grandmother had shown dogs for many years and wanted her granddaughter to have the opportunity to see what it was like to train and possibly show her dog. This past Sunday this little girl Erin got her chance to run her dog at the Purina Farms Convention center in Gray Summit, Mo. The club that hosted the event was CPE (Canine Performance Event) from the Agility Club of St. Louis, Mo. Erin’s first run was what you call a clean run. She had no errors and her time was 41.27 second compared to the given time 63 seconds. On her second run she had only two errors with a good time. Erin received not only her qualifying score on both runs she also got first place in both competitions against those competing against her. She received her junior showmanship ribbon and moved to the next level from beginners to intermediate in one show. I’m so proud of Erin and Penny with what they have achieved in such a short period of time. They run so well together, Penny watches every move Erin makes. These two will be competing on March 24th & 25th at Kim’s Dog Sports in Caseyville, IL off of 157 and Hwy 64, so come out and see this little girl and her dog run for her second competition!