National Train Your Pet Month

Here we go, again! Yep- she may be pint size and cute, but boy can she sure bark loud and carry on! Does this sound familiar to anyone, else? Please tell me that I am not the only one who cringes when they know that they have a package being delivered by UPS or FedEx? You know what I mean, lol. You stalk the package estimated delivery time, just so you can “hopefully’ (wink-wink) keep her occupied long enough for it to be delivered, without her knowing.Who has who trained? Ha! In fact, who runs this house? Funny, I thought I was the one who paid the mortgage here. Hmmmm- And for goodness sake, who’s bright idea is it to always run the commercials with doorbells and chimes at 11pm when I am trying to get all settled down for the night. Or 6am when I am trying to catch 10 more minutes between snoozes on the alarm clock, while I have my eyes closed, listening to the news. Good thing I love that little 5 pounds of yap-yap! She sure does “look innocent” but don’t let her fool you! She’s a trouble maker in disguise! Lol

Well I am going to fix her wagon! Thank goodness that January is “National Train Your Pet Month”, and that 5 pounds of fluff and fur, is heading to LaBest Pet Resort for some training! I want her to behave like how she looks! I bet you are thinking the same if you have one similar to mine at home. (It’s ok, go ahead smile, there are solutions.)

I am guilty of being the kind of pet parent that just “overlooks and compensates” for her silly ways. However, after taking a position at LaBestas their PR Marketing Director, I have to admit it. I am kind of, nope- scratch that, I am embarrassed to say that after learning and observing, it is very unkind to not train our dogs. They look to us as the pack leaders, for guidance, and protection, as they protect us.

What I have learned by being around the awesome employees and owner of LaBest, is that by going through the training together with them, it creates a deeper bond between human and pet. It opens up better understanding and communications between us and our pets. It shows respect for others who come into contact with them. We know that we all want to have that pet that others fawn over, brag about, and genuinely love them, as much as we do. I love her to my core and never want her to get hurt, or to be confused and not understand, if I can help her.

Basic commands like come, sit and stay, need to be embedded into our dogs understanding. Those are life-saving words, in certain situations. Take for instance the story I shared above about Izzy barking like crazy as I open the door, she could slip out, and if she didn’t know those words, it could be horrific. How about fun tricks that they learn to amuse us? Count me in for that! I love a good laugh. J

This month’s blog post I felt was very important to talk about training and our pets. Especially, since its National Train Your Pet Month. I have so much love and respect for Debbie Walker and the employees at LaBest. I love how they totally care on every level. It is not a job for them, it’s their passion.

Swing by for a tour of the facility, or to meet Debbie. LaBest is located at 4933 Indian Hills Dr, Edwardsville. You can also contact one of our friendly receptionist for additional information at (618) 692-6399 about our upcoming class schedules.


I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post! Keep a watch out for the next one!


Until then, have a pawfect day!

Leslie A Hopkins