The talk about obesity, cancer, and various health issues are just some of the things that are being addressed daily in our lives. But what about our pets? Animal lovers take this subject very seriously to the point that we will buy any substantial item that will help our pets before we think about ourselves! I have some health issues that I’ve been addressing myself for years and yet I just realized that some of the items we’ve been feeding our pets is the same thing that we should be doing for ourselves. BlueBuffalois a dog food that has blueberry in it which has antioxidant that helps them daily. I don’t eat blueberries often, yet my dogs eat it every daily! Makes you wonder what else we should be eating! Garlic is another item that I feed to my pets to help with flea issues and mosquito bites. Again my dogs takes that daily but I don’t. It’s amazing how far we will go for our animals but not for ourselves. Think of it this way: if we don’t start taking care of ourselves who will take care of our pets? We love them so much and would do anything to help them. If we were not here to take care of them who would? What does your pet eat that we should be eating ourselves?