Every dog has their first day of daycare; some are so excited they could jump out of their fur! But what happens when you get a dog that’s shy and scared for their first day. This does happen time to time and we strive to have a fearless environment for our visitors.

This week we had a new dog Willow, Willow was a little timid at first. She was very nervous and unsure. Our daycare attendants tried to give her treats to see how emotional she was, Willow wouldn’t even take the treats! Our daycare attendants spent extra time with Willow, sitting with her and talking to her, by that time she went out in a play group, she was sitting in our attendants lap!! By her 2nd time out in a group, she had built up so much trust with the daycare attendants that she was starting to explore her environment. During her last play sessions of the day, she was so comfortable running around and playing with her new friends!

LaBest Pet Resort and Spa’s Doggie Day Care is a great option for people who are looking to keep their dog active, stimulated and socialized with friends or maybe just out of trouble while they’re at work or away for the day. Our Doggie Day Care guests love our super fun events like birthday parties, swimming, doggie arts and crafts and holiday festivities. To learn more call us at (618)692-6399.