Let’s face it! I love the old proverbial puppy breath, just not the adolescent breath, lol! Yikes! That can knock me down, especially if I don’t take care of her sparking white smile!     

Ah February! Now this is a great time to take action.I can’t let her breath, gums, or teeth get out of hand! Even though the breath can be enough of a reminder, so is the fact that February is National Pet Dental Month, and I need to give her teeth some TLC.

Yahoo, making her an appointment to get her teeth scaled by Debbie!! Bye-bye stinky breath, hello puppy smooches! And, oh boy or girl, shall I say, does Miss Izzy love any reason to get some of Debs attention. The thing I like about getting her teeth scaled, she doesn’t haven’t to go under anesthesia. I take her there and she is peppy and full of energy, and she comes home just the same.  To Izzy, it’s just another outing with Mom and a stop off to see her Debbie, too. In Izzy’s eyes, that’s a bonus!

Dental care for the pooches or felines are just as important, as ours. Sloppy stinky morning kisses need more than a breath mint, to combat them. LOL

I remember reading an article about how plaque and tartar build up can turn into peritonitis or gingivitis.  Even worse- the need for a tooth extraction!! Nope, that won’t be the case with Miss Izzy! She is going to be keeping hers into her golden years. Can you imagine, I even heard that poor dental care can cause internal intestinal problems if gone unnoticed.

Once, I knew of a person who mistook a dental problem for a behavior issue.  He was telling me his dog was turning bad, becoming cranky with some attitude.He was nipping, something his dog never done before. That his dog seemed to not be eating normal, and like he wasn’t the same dog. I suggested that his dog may have a toothache and doesn’t know how to tell him any other way. Guess what? Yep! Bingo, I was right. Poor thing had a bad tooth. That can cause anyone to be cranky and irritable.

TIP: To keep them smiles full of teeth, introduce brushing them early into your pets grooming routine to avoid a struggle. Life can be hard enough, who needs struggles with their own pet? Not me.

Any who- Miss Izzy and I are quite the comedians, or so we think! I make brushing her teeth an enjoyable playtime so that it doesn’t become a battle. I got to keep her trusting me, so we can be cuddle bug partners for years to come.  She’s my world. She is my life. I always say “she didn’t ask me to come live here and for me to take care of her. I brought her into my world and life. I promised her, that I would take the best care of her, and be the best pet momma to her when she was a puppy. I honored that then, and I honor that now.

Well, I better go and book her appointment, because LaBest is offering $10 off teeth scaling in the month of February. Cha-ching! Saving money, while taking care of my girl. Bonus!! Why not give your favorite four-legged one’s teeth some TLC,too. No need to look up the number…here it is (618) 692-6399

Til next time!


Leslie & Miss Izzy