Here at LaBest we offer a wide variety of services and one service that I’m very excited to share with you is massage therapy. You know how you feel after you get a nice massage, how much better you feel afterwards, it’s the same with your four-legged friends. Massage is an effective way to release […]

Most people imagine cat grooming to be a pretty scary thing. After the initial confusion, (wait, cats can be groomed!?) most people picture a terrified cat and a bloody groomer. But the truth is it really does not need to be that way; cats really can be calmly and expertly groomed. There are two major […]

At LaBest we strive to be on top of the newest and best products and services for our pets! Over the last several years we have increased our massage cliental because of what is happening with our animals. We have pets that were days away from being put down due to age or physical limitations […]

We had a blast in our agility class last Wednesday night. Our class was huge but everyone in class got a work out even the dogs. We had dogs that are in foster care and looking for homes, dogs that have aggression issues with other dogs, as well as hyper dogs that have lots of […]

The talk about obesity, cancer, and various health issues are just some of the things that are being addressed daily in our lives. But what about our pets? Animal lovers take this subject very seriously to the point that we will buy any substantial item that will help our pets before we think about ourselves! […]

Shedding problems are a constant issue in the Spring. Some people feel that the only way to deal with shedding is to shave the pet down. Depending on the type of coat the pet has will determine what’s best for them. Shedding is a normal process for pets to get rid of dead hair. Double […]

Bad breath is a natural part life and this goes for our pets as well! Unfortunately our pets couldn’t do anything about it – until now. The only choice pet owners had before was putting pets under anesthesia to have their teeth clean by our vets. The sad moments in time are when vets fear […]