Let’s face it! I love the old proverbial puppy breath, just not the adolescent breath, lol! Yikes! That can knock me down, especially if I don’t take care of her sparking white smile!      Ah February! Now this is a great time to take action.I can’t let her breath, gums, or teeth get out […]

National Train Your Pet Month Here we go, again! Yep- she may be pint size and cute, but boy can she sure bark loud and carry on! Does this sound familiar to anyone, else? Please tell me that I am not the only one who cringes when they know that they have a package being […]

How much do you enjoy a massage from your masseuse? Amazing right! Well why not give your pets the same opportunity to feel just as great and refreshed as you feel! Here at LaBest we offer massage therapy for dogs and cats! Deborah Walker is a certified massage therapist for animals and let me tell […]

    Operation War Dogs         Have you heard of Operation War Dogs? If not LaBest Pet Resort & Spa are here to tell you all about it! This will be our second year doing the fundraiser for Operation War Dogs and we have absolutely fallen in love with it. Your donation helps in all […]

Rusty Halcomb You guys want to hear a doggie success story? Because this one is pretty amazing, Rusty is five years old and is the happiest he could be. But Rusty was not always in good shape, and that’s what I’m here to tell you about! Rusty was a happy pup, energetic, loving and active. […]

Pups & Cars Are you and your best friend riding in style the right way? Do you have trouble getting them in the car? If not, try these helpful tips that will have you & your pup riding in style. If they won’t get in the car, use the command “hup”. This key word will […]

Every dog has their first day of daycare; some are so excited they could jump out of their fur! But what happens when you get a dog that’s shy and scared for their first day. This does happen time to time and we strive to have a fearless environment for our visitors. This week we […]

Good day everyone. Last night I was sitting in my big lounge chair thinking about the wonderful times we have with our pets. Our pets are not just animals but are a very important part of our lives. Their companionship alone gives us a reason to get up in morning, to feel unconditional love, to […]

Bad breath is a natural part life and this goes for our pets as well! Unfortunately our pets couldn’t do anything about it – until now. The only choice pet owners had before was putting pets under anesthesia to have their teeth clean by our vets. The sad moments in time are when vets fear […]