At LaBest Pet Resort there’s room for everyone!

– Your pet can stay at any of our spacious rooms –


For LaBest Pet Resort’s feline friends, we have an all new cattery with twice the room for them to run and play. This includes a two level condo with playtime throughout the day. We provide all the kitty litter your cat can use. Also we recommend you bring your cat’s preferred delicacy. However we can furnish Pro Pac Cat Food in case you forget. We can also provide private rooms so that your dog and cat can stay together.

Set up a day at the spa for your feline friend!! They can have a nice relaxing massage, extra play time with our friendly staff, or have their teeth whitened with our sedation free tartar removal. Does your cat need a new hair style, if so we can help. See the list of clip styles and skin treatments below. We’re here in Edwardsville, IL and convenient to Collinsville, IL and Alton, IL.

Skin Treatments

  • Hydro Baths
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Derma Treatment
  • Studs Tail Treatment
  • Shed-less Treatment
  • Carding
  • Water Soaks

Clip Styles

  • OLAO
  • Lion Clip
  • Semi Lamb
  • Speciality Clip
  • Layer Clip
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