Most people imagine cat grooming to be a pretty scary thing. After the initial confusion, (wait, cats can be groomed!?) most people picture a terrified cat and a bloody groomer. But the truth is it really does not need to be that way; cats really can be calmly and expertly groomed. There are two major factors to having a positive grooming experience for your cat – the environment and the groomer. Cats are extremely territorial in that they become attached not only to their human companions, but also to the environment they live in. Leaving their familiar territory can be very stressful, and if they are then put into a noisy and chaotic grooming salon, surrounded by the sound and smell of other pets, that stress can easily escalate to panic. This is what makes mobile grooming so ideal for cats (and dogs too!). In addition to being easy and convenient for the pet owner, the mobile service eliminates the nerve racking car ride and offers a more relaxing environment for grooming. Inside the mobile grooming van, the cat and groomer are one on one. There are no other groomers or pets being groomed, no sounds or smells of dogs that could be a threat. House cats are prey animals, after all, and dogs instantly put a cat on edge. The van itself is a small space, and that helps the cats feel secure. It is quiet and calm – the perfect environment in a cat’s opinion! And the cat’s opinion is what matters – a good groomer will be able to pick up on that.

As a Certified Feline Master Groomer, I like to work at the cat’s pace and take the time to keep them in their comfort zone. I handle them calmly and respectfully, free of restraints or muzzles that can make them feel trapped and anxious. Cats are very intuitive creatures and can tell when the person handling them is nervous, or unsure. With knowledge and experience under my belt, I have less need for restraints that will only make the cat uncomfortable. Cats often pick up on that, and have more confidence in the grooming process because of it.

I’ve had numerous clients exclaim how their cat struts around the house after a groom with me in the mobile. It is a good feeling to know those cats that once feared the grooming process, now enjoy their spa day!