We had a blast in our agility class last Wednesday night. Our class was huge but everyone in class got a work out even the dogs. We had dogs that are in foster care and looking for homes, dogs that have aggression issues with other dogs, as well as hyper dogs that have lots of energy!

Agility is used for more than just in competition. Agility is a great therapy tool. Dogs gain self esteem and learn to handle their fears. It is used to build control off lead for owners as well as companionship with their pet. Combined with obedience the owners find the control they are looking for in a fun way. A lot of the techniques in our agility classes are used in every day living to reinforce the placement control within the structure of your home. Your dog can learn agility at any age. Young or old there’s a place for everyone. Check with receptionist for the next coming up class and sign up for a little fun that you and your dog will love!